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About Us

Lindsay Hinton, founder and inventor of the new hint-on-swing ~ Golf Swing Aligner, has worked at creating one of the most useful golfing aids on the market, combining four in one golfing techniques into one incredible product.

Out of his passion for mastering the art of golf and after a great deal of thought, creativity and process he created this supplementary practice device designed to improve your golf swing.

Professional coach, friend and confidant, Stuart McPhie, has been heavily involved in the formulation and construction of the Golf Swing Aligner. He has been instrumental in assisting Lindsay with the professional aspects of golf and his unquestionable support and expertise has allowed this project to prosper.

Since its release the Golf Swing Aligner has been taken the golfing industry by storm and created enormous interest. This joint business is also co-managed by his wife Pamela and daughters, Toni and Krista who have embraced the new invention.

Lindsay was a passionate Australian Rules player and due to many injuries from playing football, he was forced to retired from the game. Being competitive by nature, he decided to take up golf and it didn’t take long to become addicted to the game. As a member and captain of the Gold Coast Country Club in Queensland, he has inspired many teachers and new comers to golf to try the Golf Swing Aligner.

Lindsay has played golf for the past 30 years, and he wanted to help others with the game that had given him so much fulfilment, so he set about designing a device that could be used with your club and on the practice green. Analysing common golf faults, he designed a product that can be used to correct faults with chipping, putting and swing alignment.

Lindsay was brought up in a small country town in Central Victoria, he was raised by wonderful parents who instilled in him strong values, high morals and ethics and to honour his word, and that is why he has insisted in offering a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with this product.

He is confident you will be happy with the Golf Swing Aligner and see great improvement in your golf swing, as many other have this to say in testimonials like these.

You can send him an email or give him a call or if you would like to purchase the Golf Swing Aligner, take this link.


Lindsay Hinton - Invento ~ hint-on-swing ~ Golf Swing Aligner

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The Golf Swing Aligner reveals to the player how to use their hands during the swing. It’s a fantastic teaching aid that I use on a regular basis with my students. It enables me to demonstrate my teachings by positioning the Golf Swing Aligner on their clubs.

Instantly they gain an understanding of their common mistakes and how to correct them. My students are just as impressed as I am at the convenience of this product.

I would recommend this product to anyone; a greater knowledge of your mistakes leads to more defined skills in your play, which can only enhance your enjoyment of this fine sport.

Stuart McPhie - Head Teaching Professional
Gold Coast Country Club - Australia