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Golf training aid that will teach you the correct putting technique...

The putter should feel like an extension of the arms. We want to minimize all extra movements our body makes during the putting stroke. This golf training aid teaches the students not to roll or use the wrist during the action. By pulling the Golf Swing Aligner into the belly button and then bending over from the waist you will be in perfect position then to line the club up and in good position to make a perfect pendulum stroke.

The Golf Swing Aligner will be a beneficial aid if you take it out onto the putting green, get yourself a straight putt say from a meter or two from the hole, and start practising a straight back and straight through motion with your arms and the putter. You want to build your confidence on these short, but most important putts.

A good drill is to place two clubs about thirteen centimetres (5 inches) apart. The putter face is always perpendicular to the target line. This promotes the straight back, straight through stroke. If the putter touches any of the shafts of the clubs laying on the ground, you know that your path was not straight back, straight through toward the target.


Remember, accelerate towards your target and you’ll find yourself increasing your confidence and holing more putts.

Set up for putting

  1. Move the rubber o-ring down onto the shaft so it holds it in place Figure 1 and 2
  2. Taking your normal putting stance and placing the end of the rod comfortably onto your stomach, you are in the position to make the perfect pendulum stroke Figure 3 and 4
  3. Then rocking your shoulders back and forth... will create the perfect back swing and through stroke keeping the club face squarer with a much straighter line Figure 5 and 6

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The Golf Swing Aligner will soon become part of your golfing. With the use of this teaching aid, you can practice all these necessary fundamentals in the comfort of your home or at the local practice range.

If you have any question or want to know more contact us and we would be only too happy to speak with you.

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Technique for putting

Perfect the putting actions by practising 10 - 15 minutes day with Golf Swing Aligner and you will be holing more putts in no time.

The Golf Swing Aligner actually works...

To view all these actions through slideshow
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Place aligner onto club
Figure 1

Move the rubber o-ring down onto the shaft
Figure 2

Place comfortably onto your stomach
Figure 3

Stance for putting
Figure 4

Stance for putting
Figure 5

Perfect position for perfect pendulum stroke
Figure 6

Figure 7
Figure 7

Figure 8
Figure 8

Figure 9
Figure 9