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Testimonials and what others are saying about the hint-on-swing, Golf Swing Aligner.

Since the episode went to air on the New Inventors ABC Program the phones have rang hot and the demand for the Golf Swing Aligner - hint-on-swing as seen on TV has been in high demand. If you would like your comments added here please send us an email telling us what you thought of it and what you liked about the Golf Swing Aligner.

Hello Lindsay

As you would remember I bought the first Golf Swing Aligner that you ever sold some time back, my hcp was 21 and in the six months that I have used the Golf Swing Aligner there has been significant improvement in my game and more importantly, my hcp, which is now down to 16 and I am sure will reduce even further.

That big slice that I had (being a left handed) is now down to a gentle fade I now chip to the green with a lot more confidence and I am holing a lot more putts which really does make the difference in my score. I have spent a lot money on golf lessons without much improvement, but the Golf Swing Aligner has change all that and I have virtually taught myself, as you said yourself 10 to 15 mins a day of practise with the Golf Swing Aligner does improve your golf.

I thank you Lindsay and all the best for the future.
Steve Grant - President GCCCGC of Queensland

As a qualified soccer coach with 40 years experience, I am well aware that striking a ball with a foot, bat or club is more about technique than muscle power. Golf is my recreational pursuit and like many amateurs my ball striking usually ends up with a fade or a slice. That is until I was introduced to Golf Swing Aligner.

Video lessons with my local pro had shown that my club face was open through the impact area, causing a fade or slice. 15 minutes with Golf Swing Aligner and I began hitting shots with a gentle draw and greater distance than I had previously been able to achieve. Days later I had reverted to old habits and my slice re-appeared. Again, a few minutes with Golf Swing Aligner and I regained my draw shots. Obviously, I now need to use Golf Swing Aligner for a lengthy period in practice to ensure a permanent change to my swing and especially through the impact area.

Perfect practice makes perfect and Golf Swing Aligner is as good as having the presence of a coach. Even though I am 71 years old it has improved my golf swing and my enjoyment of the game. I am pleased to recommend it as a worthwhile and genuine practice aid.

Keith Hardisty - Gold Coast Country Club

The Golf Swing Aligner is a vital tool for coaching. It is very useful for the short game and swing plane components.

The Golf Swing Aligner gives an accurate plane reading on your back swing which intern matches up with the follow through.

The flexibility of the Aid helps all areas of your game this is its best asset, as a coach you may need up to three different aids per lesson, where the Golf Swing Aligner provides this all in the one aid..

The short game component of chipping / pitching is excellent, it stops the wrist from breaking down, and this is the most common fault with the short game. The putting component is very similar it prevents the wrists from breaking down throughout the stroke.

I have had a lot of success with this aid, teaching my students the basic fundamentals of the swing. I recommend the Golf Swing Aligner to any golf instructor or golf coach.

Good Golfing
Ben Campbell
Member PGA Australia since 2003
Golf Coach Orchid Country Club, Singapore

The Golf Swing Aligner is and excellent training tool. I found the putting and chipping to be an excellent guide as well. For me the distance I have gained is great as all golfers how do you do it all the time.
Alan Pettitt