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Improve your golf swing with this revolutionary teaching aid - Golf Swing Aligner

You can improve your golf swing with the latest invention of the Golf Swing Aligner. This 4 IN 1 supplementary practice device is designed to improve your golf swing and give valuable techniques for putting and chipping.

Having just one golf training aid that teaches you the four most important key elements of the game of golf, makes the Golf Swing Aligner the most affordable golf teaching aid on the market today.

If you have you ever wished you could hit golf balls
like the Pros, well now you can.

The Golf Swing Aligner can be used to:

  • Check swing plane path
  • Learn how to correctly hit down and through on your chips.
  • Enable you to perform the perfect pendulum swing when used as a belly putter
  • Reassemble it and use it to check for closed and open club face correction.

The real beauty of the Golf Swing Aligner is its simplicity and the effectiveness of the design. There are no extra bits to purchase; it just simply fits around your club. Made from glass filled nylon and aluminum, it is portable, lightweight and easy to assemble and fits snuggly into your golf buggy.

Suitable for right- handed or left-handed golfers

It fits all standard clubs and it doesn't matter if you are a right-handed or left-handed golfer it works for both. There is even a miniature size for children so they can benefit from learning the right techniques from the start.

Practice makes perfect...

When you practise with Golf Swing Aligner for just 10 - 15 minutes per day it will program the correct muscle memory to enhance your performance for a more pleasurable golfing experience. Whether it’s breaking your wrists when chipping, rolling or using your wrists when putting, or needing to keep your swing on plane, these are all common areas everyone seeks to improve.

Download Easy to Follow PDF Instruction Guide

Ideal for all Golfing Professionals, Coaches and Beginners

The Golf Swing Aligner is imperative for any golfer who wants to improve his/her golf game. With the use of this teaching aid, you can practise these necessary fundamentals of the swing in the comfort of your home or at the local practice range.

The Golf Swing Aligner actually works...

You can buy this now for this bargain price of just $69.00 Plus $15.00 postage and handling Australia only.
Overseas orders postage and handling $29.95

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Learn correct techniques What not to do...

Oh No...is anyone watching

Golf Swing Aligner - Easy to use

If you happen to be one of those people who duff your chips or knock your club into the ground, or try to scoop it up into the air, this newest invention will enable you to create new habits and develop a golfing techniques.

You will never duff the ball when you use the Golf Swing Aligner.

Professional golf coach and co-inventor of the Golf Swing Aligner, Stuart McPhie, claim it is a fantastic teaching aid and uses it on a regular basis with his students and recommends this product to anyone.

Stuuart McPhie - Lindsay Hinton







100%money back guaranteeYour purchase is backed up with a 100% money back guarantee if your golfing has not improved in 30 days after practising 10 minutes a day with the Golf Swing Aligner.